We have worked extensively with the LGBT community, the Syrian community, with Iranian Christians, and with those fleeing violence from Central America particularly domestic violence.

When you hire us, we will partner with you to thoroughly prepare your application. We will assist you with the analysis of your eligibility, explain the process to you and walk you through it step by step, work with you to prepare your declaration in support of your asylum application, assist you in determining what supporting documentation you need, prepared back ground documentation, assist you with locating and working with expert witnesses, prepare you for your interview and attend your interview with you.


You may be eligible for asylum if you can demonstrate that you have been persecuted or that you fear future persecution on account of political opinion, religion or membership in a particular social group.

You are required by law to file your application for asylum within the first year of your arrival in the US. If you file your application beyond one year after you arrive, you will need to demonstrate changed circumstances that affect your fear of returning or extraordinary circumstances that prevented you from filing timely. If you are maintaining lawful status, the one year bar will not apply to you unless you stop maintaining status. If you are maintaining lawful status, and you go out of status, you are required to file your application within a reasonable period or time after your lawful status expires.

You will need to provide any and all documents that corroborate your claim for asylum to the extent that they are obtainable. These documents may include, but are not limited to, police reports, medical/hospital reports, witness reports or any document that corroborates your claim. If you are not able to obtain corroborating documents, you need to demonstrate that you attempted to obtain them or that such an attempt was not feasible.

You will not be eligible for work authorization unless one of the following conditions occurs

  • your asylum case is granted
  • your asylum case is pending for more than 150 days and you did not cause the delay.

Please contact our office if you would like to discuss your eligibility for asylum.


The USCIS has recently implemented the Priority -2 Direct Access Program (DAP) for Iraqi and Syrian beneficiaries of approved I-130 petitions. If you are the beneficiary of a visa petition filed by a family member in the US, the visa petition has been approved and you live in a designated country, you may be eligible for an asylum/refugee screening. Please contact our office to discuss your eligibility.

+ Central American Minors - El Salvador, Guatemala, & Honduras

A parent lawfully residing in the US can submit an application on behalf of an under 21 year old child requesting that the child be paroled into the US. More information is available here.