Gracias por hacer possible mi status.
You have done such an amazing job and want you to know that we are ALL extremely lucky to have you defending people that are trying to move on and make this ‘American dream’ come true.
— representation in asylum case
Thank you for your great kindness towards us.
— representation in asylum, TPS, court case
Thank you for all your support. I usually don’t get approved so easily for anything.
Your help and expertise through this very dramatic time of my life is so appreciated that words could never express my gratitude. Thank you for everything.
J’s obtaining asylum status through your hard and skilled work was definitely the highlight of our year.
— representation in LGBT asylum
Thank you very much for your help with my immigration process. Thank you for helping me be a part of this wonderful country. You are always going to be on my thoughts.
— representation in asylum, green card and citizenship
Thank you very much for your generosity with us. You’ve touched my life with your help. I don’t have any words to express my gratitude.
— representation in asylum, TPS, appeal
I truly appreciate all that you have done for me in these past few years.
— representation in court
I want to say that I will forever be grateful to you for accepting me, helping me and protecting me.
— representation in transgender asylum